Building Success: VPS Hosting For Construction Companies

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Construction businesses throughout California and the continental United States have one big priority: connectivity on the job. Their need for team collaboration and quick access to important data such as architectural renderings, measurements, online vendors, and team communication software is vital to completing their work quickly and well.

Does your construction business need the power of a strong network that is accessible anytime, anywhere?

Your best bet is a cloud-hosted virtual private server (VPS hosting) service.

By connecting your computers, tablets, and mobile devices to the power of distributed virtualization, you can benefit from groundbreaking cloud speed, no matter where you are. VPS hosting can be the perfect answer to your construction company’s cloud hosting needs.


Why is VPS Hosting Imperative to Construction Companies’ Success?

In simple terms, a virtual private server is a cloud-hosted off-site server that allows users to access their software programs and systems easily, quickly, and anywhere that they have access to an internet connection.

Accessibility — Anytime, Anywhere

Some of your team is at the top of a skyscraper. You’re with your site foremen at ground level. Suddenly, your team needs to confer with you and your foremen about the location of a load bearing wall.

Rather than trying to communicate over the radio, through email, or travelling up to their location, your entire team will have access to collaborative documents to review and discuss the bearing wall placement in real-time through the virtual private server.

A vendor calls as one of your crew leaders is onsite at one of your projects. They have a question regarding the cap flashing order that had been placed. Right there, in the middle of the site without access to computers, your crew leader can pull up this information on his mobile phone or tablet. By accessing your hosted system, he can find all the details your vendor needs. He can even access the vendor account information to confirm or modify the order.

As long as your team is connected to the internet, they can be connected to VPS hosting and, therefore, be completely in sync with the rest of the crew.

Increased Communication and Mobility

By allowing your construction crews to access all system information anytime and anywhere, you are able to drastically increase their capacity for teamwork and team communication. As information and progress is updated in your system in real-time, you can reduce waiting time and unnecessary communication. As progress is tracked in all your hosted apps and software programs, orders are filled, work quotas are met, and your team can move forward to complete your construction contract seamlessly.

Secure connections

VPS hosting through Cloud9 provides the highest security for our clients. We offer virus protection programs, complex firewalls to protect sensitive stored documents, and regular complete system backups in multiple secure locations.

You don’t need to worry about losing any of your vital information: blueprints, architectural designs, material lists, progress reports, account information, and more. All of the system and software programs that are imperative to running your construction work smoothly are stored securely.

This frees you from worrying about hackers, spam, phishing, system failures, and more.

Your VPS Solution – Cloud9

At Cloud9, we specialize in offering construction companies solutions to simplify and streamline their work through VPS hosting. These hosted programs give our clients greater mobility, flexibility, and sustainability in a culture that continues to push forward into technology options. To learn more about our options, contact our team.

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