You Can Still Use Those Desktop Apps You are Addicted to on a Dedicated Virtual Server

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Take a second to think about the software you use everyday at work. What comes to mind? Microsoft Office?  QuickBooks?  Adobe Acrobat?  Could you live without them? If not, we have great news for you!  All of these desktop applications can be hosted on a dedicated virtual server with Cloud9, giving you exceptional ease of access.


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Virtual dedicated server hosting gives you all of the benefits of the cloud, along with the familiarity of your favorite programs.  Just a few of these benefits include:

  • Reduced IT anxiety
  • Economies of scale
  • 24/7 cloud access
  • Top level security
  • Disaster recovery
  • Automatic updates

With a managed virtual private server, VPS, switching to the cloud doesn’t result in a large learning curve. Some of the tried-and-true desktop apps that you love most are available through Cloud9 solutions, including:

Microsoft Office:

Make PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, databases, and word processing documents the same way as you’ve always done them. Only this time, you can save them on a secure cloud service that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Sage 50 Accounting:  

The lite versions allow you to organize finances, pay bills, and manage inventory. If you have heavy-duty accounting needs, Sage 50 Quantum will help you keep track of everything from employees to construction jobs.


Achieve secure file sharing and storage.  SmartVault allows you to share files with clients, staff, and partners on your terms.  Create a custom branded client portal with selective access.  It integrates with QuickBooks or FreshBooks to simplify accounting and document management.


Automate your law practice with legal technology solutions.  This virtual desktop data system simplifies case management, time, billing, and accounting operations to allow you to take on more clients.

Adobe Creative Suite and More:  

Get access to Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator to make professional print, web, and mobile graphics. You can also download and read digital books instantly.


Lower your food costs for restaurants, catering, bars, and casinos. Complete recipe costing, sales management, menu engineering, and inventory control easily and swiftly.  CostGuard increases your bottom line by sending alerts when your profit margin drops too low.


This everyday application offers aid in compressing and unzipping files for easy transport. Winzip is supported by Windows and Mac operating systems.

Centralized, Customized Cloud Computing Access

Not only will all of your cloud managed services be available from anywhere in the world, but you can also customize access for every user. Since there are so many application options available, you can always choose the one that fits you best. This can apply to versions (QuickBooks Pro vs. Enterprise), or brands (AIM vs. Skype).  Your technical support will also be customized to your particular setup, eliminating confusion and extra expense.

Soon You’ll be Addicted to Cloud9 Real Time’s Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting

Get a free 7 day trial in order to try the cloud solution for your favorite desktop apps. You won’t miss any software updates and your work will be automatically backed up. Gone are the days downloading software to your desktop.  Now that you can get your own Cloud9 dedicated virtual server, your time can be better spent on growing your small business.

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