Why YOUR Business or Practice Should Be On Cloud9

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“Your practice should be on the cloud because you deserve to be happy”…

“…and if your happiness is in any part defined by how efficiently you are able to get things done then I think you will agree with me when I say that working in the cloud such that all of your documents and applications are accessible anywhere anytime will help at least in part to bring about that happiness and Cloud9 Real Time is one example of a small business technology solution that will help you do this,” writes accounting technologist Seth David in a guest post at Sleeter Group.

Why does working in the cloud help make Seth David happy?

“If you’re anything like me then you hate wasting time trying to figure out where something is!  Bottom line is that when I am looking for something and especially if I want to share that something with people then I want to find the most efficient possible way to do this. If I have to stop and e-mail an attachment to someone every time they ask for it then this slows me down. So if I can provide a portal for my clients such that I can make documents available to them then I only have to e-mail them once to explain that they now have access to any/all files that I have made available to them.”

A great e-dashboard always helps

“Perhaps more importantly you want a place and a system that makes it easy for you to retrieve what you need when you need it in 30 seonds or less. You have a great e-dashboard that lets you manage the workflow and all of the documents separated by client.”

“Cloud9 also has some options for accounting professionals such has a client login portal that you can add to your own website and it looks like it’s your own built in system.”

Hosting For Your Accounting Software?

“This is a no brainer. If I can host my clients’ accounting files I can even run them in multi-user mode so that I can my clients can access the same file from anywhere all the time. No conflicting copies, no accountant copies, and no headahces.”

Cost Benefit

“What would it be worth to you to eliminate substantially all of your IT costs? How about never having to worry about another backup ever again? When you host all of your documents and applications in the cloud you no longer have to worry about these things. You also don’t have to worry about staying with the latest versions.”

What about security? Don’t worry, be happy!

“I can assure you that cloud hosting companies are spending a great deal more on security than you or I can ever afford to spend. Furthermore you are already trusting your most sensitive financial information to “the cloud” if you are using online banking. These guys have big server rooms with armed guards and finger print only access. Your files are as secure as secure can be!”

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