Webinar: Effectively Run Your Business From A Tablet

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Transform your business to be more productive and efficient using iPads and other mobile devices.  

Register for WebinarWed 12-19-12 – 10AM-11AM PST

Because more CPAs, bookkeepers, and other financial pros are using iPads and other tablets and smart devices, software companies and other providers of web-based tools will continue to evolve rapidly to meet the demand for more and efficient ways to engage business and tasks completion on the fly. iPad for quickbooks cloud accountingTogether with BMRG president Jennifer Katrulya, and Cloud9 CEO Robert J. Chandler, we are pleased to announce next week’s “Run Your Business From a Tablet” webinar, which offers ways for accounting and financial practices to work full time on iPads and other tablets.

Register for WebinarWed 12-19-12 – 10AM-11AM PST

According to accounting technologist Jennifer Katrulya at her blog, “The portability of a tablet is great, but security and privacy isn’t always assured. That’s a potential problem when you’re trying to run a business on a tablet.” Adds Jennifer: “Storage space is another and potentially huge hindrance for tablet users who wish to handle even a moderate amount of data. Fortunately, some promising developments in the world of tablets and cloud computing are taking away the barriers that once faced tablet users.”

Register for WebinarWed 12-19-12 – 10AM-11AM PST

This webinar will explore the challenges tablet using practice managers and business owners face and offer solutions that will allow you to work efficiently from anywhere.  We hope you’ll join us!


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