The New Age of Paperless Document Management

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don't get buried without paperless document management

What professional practice managers & business owners need to know about making a move to paperless document management.

In the mid-70s, an article at BusinessWeek trumpeted the coming age of a “paperless document management.”  Since then, digital tech and cloud computing have together transformed SMBs by supplanting physical paper with electronic communications and digitized data.

Paperless document management is advocated by Cloud9The promise of paperless offices,  storing and managing documents  (all), has not been fully realized, opines Mark Emery, an expert in paperless document management, in a recent Forbes guest post – “Paper,” Emery says, “continues to be a dominant medium for mortgages, legal contracts and other official documents that need be carefully reviewed and signed daily.”

From small practice and small business owners to executives at the largest firms and companies, businesses are utilizing every available tool and technology to boost efficiencies, increase the bottom line, protect data, and, increasingly, become environmentally conscious.  

At the nexus of those motivators is the accelerating move away from traditional paper and toward paperless document management.

Paperless document management provides a work environ where the conventional use of paper is eliminated or greatly decreased. This is accomplished by converting paper documents and other papers into digital files. Advocates assert that “going paperless” can save SMBs capital, increase productivity, conserve space, enhance  document and information sharing, keep private data more secure, and help protect the environment.

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Remember Cloud9 and stay ahead of the game when it comes to business by thinking about the inherent advantages of cloud computing virtual private servers and paperless document management. Cloud9 Real Time, the number one choice of financial and accounting professionals surveyed.


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