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Where Is YOUR Data Stored?

Where You Store Your Data Does Matter, Have You Considered The Cloud? Image source: AIS Data storage demand is expanding at an exponential  pace.  In a recent Aberdeen Study (“How Much Of Your Data Should Be In The Public Cloud?”), companies polled indicated that typical data storage needs were rising at a rate of over 30% per year.…

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A Brief History of Cloud Computing*

In 1900, Mercedes Benz forecasted that the total demand for cars worldwide would never exceed 500,000. Why? – because there were “not enough chauffeurs” available. That same year a panel of British experts concluded that “The telephone may be appropriate for our American cousins, but not here, because we have a sufficient number of messenger…

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Office Server Security Still Under the Mattress?

I get asked daily about office server security and the Cloud and I welcome these questions as it is not only important for users to understand but also opens the discussion about moving to the Cloud, meaning progress for the acceptance of our technologies. Office Server Security: Truly Secure in the Cloud?   Recently I was speaking…

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Time Out! When Load Speed Isn’t Everything

When Cloud Hosted Application & Load Speed Isn’t Everything It’s funny the things that are “deal breakers” for firms looking to move to the Cloud. Recently, a colleague asked me about the approximate connect time with hosted solutions. “Is it 3 minutes, 2.5, under two minutes?” I believe this was her exact question. In fact,…

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