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Green Cloud Computing, What Does IT Mean? – Help Plant A Billion Trees With Cloud9 In January!

‘Green cloud computing’ is a trending nomenclature reflective of huge potential environmental benefit(s) that IT services rendered via the Web can offer society. The expression conflates environ-friendly ‘green’ with ‘cloud.’ Special note: For every user added to your Cloud during the month of January, Cloud9 Real Time will make a donation to the “Plant a Billion Trees” initiative…

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4 Key Benefits of Paperless

Antiquated paper documents, prehistoric faxes, and other outdated ‘physical’ modes of correspondence are rapidly becoming obsolete in the 21st century. Many Web-based services can help you reduce or even eliminate unnecessary, clumsy and ecologically unfriendly handling of paper, but are the benefits of paperless offices worth the challenge? Very possibly YES!* *Source: Catalyst Enterprise Solutions    See also: 6…

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