Evaluating the (r)Evolution of Cloud Computing

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Technology has changed our world rapidly. It will continue to do so with no lull in the foreseeable future. When it comes to the Cloud, there is no longer a revolution – that time has passed. Cloud adoption is an inevitability.

In fact, some argue it may be time to coin a different term for this universal share-point. That may be premature. The Cloud still accurately describes a dynamic and scalable platform that is relentlessly evolving.

However, it’s time to stop thinking of Cloud computing in such abstract ways. It’s real, it’s here, it’s tangible. You can hold it in your hand – just pull out your phone. Today, it’s hard to think of things you can’t do with it. But that’s the beauty of the cloud – just when you think ideas have been saturated – someone creates a new way of utilizing this profound technology.  It seems that whatever problems exist outside the cloud, solutions can be found inside it. All it requires is imagination.

It’s Do or Die at Breakneck Speeds

For some businesses today it is a mission critical scenario. Growth seekers cannot afford to linger and must make the cloud transition soon. Change now happens too rapidly to ignore. Those who constantly embrace the inroads of technological evolution will always have a competitive advantage in their profession. Why? Because, today’s consumer expects more than ever before. Businesses who meet and exceed these expectations will endure – those who cling to the past will only attract the wandering drifters who are of the same mindset.

Cloud Computing: A Reality – Believe it or Not

People are on the cloud whether they like it or not, whether they realize it or don’t – it’s that powerful. The Cloud is simply a metaphor for the internet. We now access most things from various share-points: music, video, photos and other media. There’s a reason all those DVDS and CDs are scarce to none now. There’s simply no need.

Not Just a Game Anymore

The gaming industry has also gone full tilt towards the cloud. Collaboration can happen seamlessly and in real time, even with teams spread around a city or across the globe. In 2009, physical sales of video games in U.S. were at 80%. In 2014,  that number dropped to 48% and for the first time in history digital downloads became king. As internet speeds become faster and data is able to be compressed more efficiently,  much of the actual processing power won’t be carried out by gaming consoles themselves, but far away in state-of-the-art data centers.

Time is Money

In 2014 alone, 50% of financial institutions surveyed said they were likely or highly likely to use private clouds in the next 3 years, combining their adoption of public options into a hybrid solution. Cloud banking solutions can effectively handle websites, mobile apps, retail platforms, performance computing and credit risk analysis. The reason for this is simple – cloud based solutions can often handle tasks that would have taken hours – in only minutes. Banks know time is money, and who knows money better than them?

The only thing holding back even more rapid adoption is infrastructure. The larger tech companies know this and that’s why we see projects like Google Fiber and Facebook’s internet drone concepts at the forefront of ideation and action.

The IoT is Within Sight

There’s no turning back. The web will only become more connected, open, and increasingly intelligent. We’ve blasted through internet 2.0, are well into 3.0 and it’s projected that web 4.0 is only a few years away and will be here as soon as 2020. This is what will be known as the Internet of Things (IoT). During this time, there will be the beginning of seamless integration between intelligent, autonomous systems in manufacturing, business, finance, infrastructure, and commerce.

Is it the rise of the machines akin to the Terminator movies of the past? No, not quite so sinister and alarming, but it will be significant – and the world will never be the same. How are you preparing for the next phase of evolution? What is known as The Cloud today will make possible and give birth to the inevitabilities of the future. The possibilities are limitless.

How Are You Preparing for Internet 4.0?

It all starts with getting on the cloud. That’s where the magic happens. We’ll help you get up to speed with our evolving, custom-built environments. Give us a call today and see what Cloud9 can do for you.

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