Cloud Computing Advantages: A New Infographic

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Cloud Computing advantages for small business Infographic

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SMB cloud computing advantages are changing the landscape of the entire IT channel, and resellers and VARs must act quickly to ensure they are not left in a cold cloud of dust. Just consider some of the nuggets in this great infographic via Technology News Hub.

At least half of the respondents cited in an earlier Bain report how improvements in security, data access, ROI, customer satisfaction, productivity – sounds like all of the buzzwords we have been using for traditional IT over the past 3 decades….could it be even that much better?

Cloud Computing Advantages for Small Businesses

The largest obstacle to increased cloud computing adoption (aside from, paradoxically, security – which appeared as both a benefit and an obstacle) seems to be that of awareness and education.

Channel resellers and VARs have a marvelous opportunity to be the key advisors SMBs need in circumnavigating cloud computing advantages. With all of the discussion within IT circles about cloud, still, 71% hadn’t  heard of nor knew anything about the subject.  This says that the numbers relative to the benefits of cloud computing are derived from 29% of those polled. Here is a talking point to kick off your cloud customer discussions, and education.

“Did you know that of the ~30% of SMBs that are aware of the cloud computing advantages and have implemented cloud technology solutions in some way are experiencing lower costs, higher customer satisfaction, greater agility? That means that your competition, that has adopted the cloud, may be ahead of you in terms of growth. It’s time to take a closer look at the cloud, and what it has to offer your business.”

Source: SeaGate


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