The Numbers have moved to the Cloud

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Cloud Accounting Benefits for SMBs

The Cloud has forever changed the world of accounting – the concept is not new – it dates back to the early 90s. Many accounting firms have started to take advantage of online accounting technology in recent years.

‘Numbers have moved to the Cloud.’ 

*Excerpt from new book ‘Together in the Cloud

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CPA Practice Advisor Cloud AccountingAs published in CPA Practice Advisor: Today’s technology is used by more and more accounting professionals and business owners to accomplish their tasks with far more convenience and efficiency. These new methods provide mutual benefits as owners and accountants work together in the Cloud.

While most of the advantages have been around for some time, they are now finally being utilized as they should be. Consider four unique mutual benefits of online client accounting.

Cloud Accounting = Ease of Access

Being online to conduct business is no longer a dream or a wish. It’s a requirement professionally and personally. The most powerful feature and benefit of working in the Cloud is accessing information anytime, anywhere. All that is needed is an internet connection.

We are all “wired” to the internet. Ease of access means ease of storing, inputting, retrieving, and sharing accounting information. Online technology allows instantaneous access for authorized people to see where their business stands: reviewing financial statements, accounts payable and accounts receivable (technologies like, along with access to documents, (like, financial charts and spreadsheets.

Compared to cumbersome practices of the past, well, there really is no comparison. Cloud has changed, and is continually improving the ways accounting is conducted.

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