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Cloud Computing Game Changing Survey

Cloud is a Small Business Game Changer

Business owners and practice managers are always vexed with discovering paths to evolve and improve their companies and to spin old challenges into new gold. They are also on alert for methods to effectively distinguish themselves from their competitors.

“One area that holds significant promise for companies in fast growth mode or emerging markets is the IT area. Organizations that are not heavily invested in legacy IT systems can leapfrog their competitors by investing in the newest and best available systems via the most current cloud computing models,” writes Tim Caulfield, a national thought leader of cloud and IT evolution and president of Cloud9’s San Diego data center. 

Businesses that are able to assess and seize the power of cloud computing will garner increased revenue more effectively and will remove the obstacles in their business processes through improved transparency and interaction with vendors and clients.

Tim Caulfield continues: “Cloud computing is all about delivering speed, agility and cost reduction to IT and other functional areas within the enterprise. And while it is true that the basic allure of cloud computing is cost reduction there are several other key impacts cloud computing will have on your business environment.”

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To better appreciate the statistics and effects of Cloud Computing KPMG International and Forbes Insights conducted a global survey of nine hundred IT executives, users, and vendors entitled Clarity in the CloudThe study was primarily focused on cloud computing trends, challenges, costs, and expected outcomes.  Below are the U.S. respondent survey results from several key survey questions:

Which of the following best describes the potential impact of cloud on your business model/operations?

•    49% said it will reduce costs 
•    28% said it will fundamentally change our business model            
•    40% said it will change our interaction with customers and suppliers 
•    33% said it will provide management with greater transparency on transactions 
•    35% said it will accelerate time to market 
•    13% said it will have no significant impact 

What is the status of your organization’s current use of a cloud environment?

•    20% are evaluating
•    21% are using/testing
•    13% are embracing/transitioning
•    7% are running all core services on the cloud
•    8% plan to implement next year
•    4% plan to implement next 2 years
•    3% plan to implement next 2+ years 
•    10% not considering at all
•    14% don’t know

As you can see from the responses above the cloud can have significant positive business impacts and many companies are moving aggressively forward to capture those benefits before their competitors. Lower costs, greater transparency, and improved customer relationships are game changers that can clearly differentiate your firm from your competition. The path from present state to a future cloud state may not be clearly marked but with the right guidance and counsel it can happen with minimum risk and disruption to your business. 


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