Builders vs Protectors: Why Every Business Needs Both

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There are many organizational factors that go into taking a business growth strategy from paper into reality. The key to company growth is not just in the decisions made that answer the “where, when and hows” of strategy, but in their timing, and, more importantly – who is making them.

Businesses that are experiencing successful growth are often led by leaders with different styles and strengths. It’s their decisions that spur innovation and resourcefulness. In this push and pull narrative of varying leadership styles, there are two types that work together to bring balance to their organization’s growth efforts – the Builders and the Protectors.

The Builders

These are the forward-thinking, fast-acting leaders in business. Builders are constantly seeing what could be and are obsessed with developing ways of solving problems. They are visionaries, never content with staying the same, because they imagine an even better future is just another new process or design iteration away.

Builders don’t see problems, but possibilities – opportunities to improve, become faster, and more competitive. Simply put, they believe better is better and they aren’t afraid to be the risk takers in their organization – to assume the responsibility when things go well – and when they don’t.

When it comes to business growth, it’s easy to see that Builders are what get things started and are engines of innovation. Their mindset advances their organization relentlessly towards its next stage of growth.

Anything that helps Builders reach their goal more expediently is welcome, and it’s not uncommon for them to adopt new technologies, develop new processes and procedures, and exploit their network of resources to help them to that end.

The Protectors

Never underestimate these vanguards – the time-tested cultivators of businesses everywhere. Protectors are a vital counterbalance to the action-oriented builder. That’s not to say that Protectors don’t take action – only that their efforts are concentrated in streamlining and perfecting already existing processes and procedures.

They’re not interested in reinventing the wheel or scrapping the playbook. They realize that strategic management of already existing resources is a way of stimulating sustained, organic growth over time.

Instead of seeking to take large leaps forward as rapidly as possible, Protectors strive for clarity and understanding in the inner workings of their enterprise. It’s careful management and oversight that allow Protectors to recognize where small improvements can be made in the day-to-day life of the business.

Over time, by preserving what works well, and by making minute changes to what can be improved, Protectors create a solid foundation that customers and employees can rely on.

What Kind of Leaders Does Your Business Have?

Every business leader has a natural style, a modality they use to most effectively influence and enact change in their organization. Their mode of involvement directly influences outcomes. What’s clear is that every business needs a variety of leadership styles at many levels to experience responsible, balanced levels of growth.

So, what kind of leaders do you recognize in your own business? At Cloud9 We help thousands of businesses across the country build new paths to growth, while helping protect the vital resources that are an integral part of their success.

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