Accounting Today Recognizes Cloudnine as ‘Responsive, Transparent’ Cloud Provider

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As more and more cloud providers enter the market, it can become increasingly difficult for existing cloud companies to differentiate themselves from the competition. In the cloud arms race, touting one’s resources and technology partners is a common way of projecting leadership in the industry.

However, at Cloudnine Realtime, we’re more thrilled when we don’t have to sell ourselves at all – because our customers do it for us. We’re pleased to share that Accounting Today has recognized Cloudnine Realtime as a “responsive, transparent” cloud provider by way of one of our favorite customers – EKS&H Consulting.

About EKS&H Consulting Quickbooks Desktop from Cloudnine

EKS&H is a 675 member consulting firm is based out of Denver, Colorado offering audit, tax, and consulting services to hundreds of clients. They’ve been using Cloudnine Realtime technology to
grow their firm since 2012.

They host actual Desktop versions of QuickBooks

When asked about the results that Cloudnine has helped bring the firm and the added value they can now offer clients, Partner Douglas Askam was quick to cite a benefit that their customers appreciate most:

“The thing I also like about what Cloudnine does is they’re hosting actual desktop versions of QuickBooks, which is different from the online version, and not all of our clients get the online version,” Askam continued. “So having the desktop and Enterprise version in the cloud are really nice. It gives us full functionality to the QuickBooks suite of products, and again, it’s all transparent to the client because it’s out on Cloudnine’s Web site.”

To read the whole article and to learn about the challenges/problems that EKS&H Consulting solved through Cloudnine Realtime visit: Finding time savings, risk reduction and efficiency online.


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