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Learn everything you need know, absolutely free, with step-by-step instruction. Cloudnine Realtime will help you break down and understand everything you need to know about the cloud.

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How to Build Your Dream Firm in the Cloud


Learn how to build your dream firm with the power of cloud-based technology. You’ll hear from Geni Whitehouse – CPA and co-founder of her own bookkeeping business and about her own mission to help get better information in the hands of clients. Learn strategies that worked, those that didn’t, and how to develop ideas for services and tools you can apply in your own business. Leave this session with a clear path to creating a firm that’s designed for accelerating growth.

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How to Move to the Cloud Today

In this presentation by Robert J. Chandler, CEO and Founder of Cloudnine Realtime, you’ll learn why cloud hosting technology is no longer just an innovative idea, but rather, an adoption that is critical to the continued success of businesses everywhere. And why businesses that fail to make this move will struggle to thrive in the new economy.
In this presentation, you’ll learn:

1. How to compare cloud providers using FREE TRIALS.

2. Why the best cloud providers offer their customers assistance in key areas like Marketing, Pricing, and Self-Service Tools.

3. The best “low risk, low cost” strategies for entering the cloud.

4. The most common mistakes to avoid when selecting a cloud provider.

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QuickBooks Desktop in the Cloud vs QuickBooks Online

Accountants, CPAs, and business owners always ask us what the differences are between QuickBooks hosted in the cloud versus QuickBooks Online.  Watch to weigh the differences and find out more.
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5 Ways Private Cloud Servers will Empower your Business

From cost savings and security to ease of use and mobility, cloud computing will transform your business.
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Desktop As A Service: How to Run Your Business Software Anywhere

Please join Cloud9 Real Time’s Director of Business Development, David Riggins, as he discusses the definition of Desktop as a Service/DAAS and how it compares with other cloud platforms IAAS and PAAS. Also, how DAAS enables one to run business software anywhere there is an Internet connection.
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How to Run Your Desktop QuickBooks on Any Device

Please join Cloud9 Real Time Director of Business Development, David Riggins, as he discusses how to access your QuickBooks applications from anywhere and on any device, as long as you have an Internet connection.
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The 5 Silent Killers of Cash Flow

Senior VP of Finagraph, Mike Milan, shares his extensive business experience to discuss how to improve small business cash flow.
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How to Budget and Plan like a Guru

Please join the CEO of Planguru, Christian Wielage, who discusses how small businesses can use budgeting and planning to improve their business operations and their bottom line to improve profits.
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