Thank you!

“Your thoughts are important, not only to us, but to customers and prospects who want to be assured that they are working with a quality organization. We try hard to provide the best possible service to our clients and their satisfaction is our reward. Testimonials like these are extremely important to us. Loyal customers make doing business a pleasure.” Jim Torpey, VP of Sales and Marketing

Telling me what the problem was helped point me in the direction to fix it. That’s what I needed. The computer had been hooked up to an Ethernet cable before. (It had been removed, probably by someone that doesn’t like cables, who hasn’t experienced the inconvenience of wireless losing connection.) I plugged it back in – poof, no problem! (Then I left a note for the business telling them the cable was necessary to print paychecks… I don’t think it will get unplugged again.) Thank you for the help!
– Arlene N – May 2016

Staff was very helpful and patient.
– Deval T – May 2016

The Gentleman that helped me was very knowledgeable and very courteous and stuck with me and fixed the problem.
– Cathy P – May 2016

The technician is very knowledgeable, professional and courteous.I am satisfied with his work.
– Iva D – May 2016

The tech I worked with knew right away what I needed to do. Though he could not fix the problem he told me exactly how to correct the problem with my administrator.
– Sandy M – May 2016

The Tech did a great job assisting me. He was knowledgeable and efficient. I was very pleased the issue was resolved quickly.
– Ruth T – May 2016

The Tech made me feel at ease while going through the transition and not stressing.
– Kala K – May 2016

The tech was very quick to understand our issue and resolved promptly!
– Kim D – May 2016

Outstanding support by your tech involving call backs and multiple setups
– James M – May 2016

I love Cloud9 – you are my QuickBooks Host of Choice when the need arises for my clients.
– Ed J. – May 2016

Great experience as always! Tech support is always fast to respond, and they always seem to know how to resolve any issues we come across.
– Jason. D. – May 2016

They recorded my ticket and helped solve the issue. Both techs were extremely pleasant, informative and knowledgeable – even when the error turned out to be my own. I appreciate their sense of humor very much. Thank you.
– Janice G. – May 2016

I converted from a Windows 7 machine to a Windows 10 machine and needed to set up my remote desktop session on my new computer. I called Cloud9 where I spoke with the tech who quickly and professionally initiated my support call. The Tech informed me that the hold time would be about 10 minutes and he offered to have one of their support reps return my call so I didn’t have to stay on hold. I was headed out to lunch so I asked the tech to have someone call me in an hour. It was nice not to have to wait on hold. I really appreciate their offer to have them return my call. The tech picked up my support ticket and returned my call promptly. They knew exactly how to set up my RTP session and he also made sure that my printer was configured and working. This was something I had not even thought of. But it was great that The tech did and he made sure everything was working properly. Working with them was a pleasure, he is professional, knowledgeable and thorough. It was very nice to know that he considered not only the issue I asked him to fix but he knew I would also need the printer configured so he took care of that also. I greatly appreciated his attention to detail. This saved me from making another call later to have the printer setup. I have used Cloud9 for 4 years now and I’ve had very few issues but when I did the Cloud9 team has always provided exceptional support. I also love that Cloud9 is available by phone and by email. They are very easy to contact. I highly recommend Cloud9.
– Babette B. – May 2016

Thank you Tech Reps!! So helpful and super friendly!
– Kathryn D – April 2016

The tech was very good!
– Karen P – April 2016

My Tech Rep was patient, efficient, and very helpful. He was a pleasure to work with. Thank you.
– Selene M – April 2016

My Tech support guy was great. He not only resolved the problem but also helped me understand some of the nuances about the shared environment which will help in the future. Cheers.
– Ric L – April 2016

I am very satisfied how the technical has responded to our problems. Is very important to us because it minimize down time of our system.
– Jose A – April 2016

I just wanted to say thank you to you and the Cloud9 team for getting us through tax season with no major issues. All of us left everything on the field, so to speak, and I do appreciate how you and your team helped make it all easier.
– Tom D – April 2016

Great job! Answered questions thoroughly, accurately, efficiently. Keep up the good work!!
– Neil M – April 2016

Good job! Thanks.
– Dan L – April 2016

We have used Cloud9 to host our Quick Books accounting package for some 18 months now. In that time there have been very few issues of any kind and the few we have had were handled in literally minutes, not hours or days. Cloud9 support folks actually know and understand what they are talking about — unlike so many support sites that what you get is a script read by an automaton who had no foggy notion what the words mean. They actually solve the issue for you rather than referring you to a web site or another vendor (like your software or operating system vendor).
– George C – Marine Corps Engineer Association – April 2016

The Tech was very helpful
– Karen H – April 2016

Keep up the good work!
– Iriss B – April 2016

The Tech was very professional and helpful. He called me back within a half hour of my original call to the “live person” answering service. She took the information and forwarded on to the technician and like I mentioned I received a call back within a half hour. The tech walked me through my problem and I was back in business. Thanks for the help
– Lori M – April 2016

I sent the tech an email on 3/25/16 with a very long list of changes that needed to be made to our acct including new company files, adding users, transferring QB files, adding new QB software, upgrading the software in multiple companies etc… I cannot begin to convey the stellar job that he performed on every task that consumed his day. He stayed with me throughout every change, walking me through steps of each process, logging in remotely when necessary, calling me back after every step was complete so that we could start the next phase. He took a very complicated list and turned it into a manageable project. By the end of the day, he had accomplished what we needed and will follow through on a few random items. With 5 ticket #’s, this would have been daunting to involve different reps and he promised to stay with me until the end, which he did. He has a wonderful, positive demeanor on the phone, he is calm when explaining tasks to a lay person, he is efficient and very skilled. I would have been lost without his support and am so grateful he was assigned our tickets. Cloud9 is fortunate to have this tech on the tech support team!
– Elaine S – March 2016

I love the new call back service. I can continue to work while i wait for a call back from Tech Support and I don’t lose my place in line. Innovative Ideas keep making Cloud9 better than ever. Thanks.
Martin M – B Meyer Bookkeeping Solutions – March 2016

The tech went above and beyond to help me (2 days in a row)! During this very stressful tax season customer service like his reminds me why I use cloud9s services for three of my clients! Thank you thank you thank you for not outsourcing your IT and for hiring quality staff who get the problem solved within minutes. Thanks again for all of your help!
– Lesley H – March 2016

He fixed the problem and showed me how to fix it next time that it happens.
– Tony A – March 2016

The tech was absolutely terrific!
– Wanda M – March 2016

The tech was really fast and nice. Wonderful customer service all around!
– Charlene H – March 2016

Cloud9 allows me to work from home which is great when you are juggling running your own practice and parenthood. It also allows me to tap into expertise with part time people without adding square footage, so $ savings plus adding specialists. Offers secure backup so I can sleep at night. Allows us to offer better client service, our clients are facing same pressures we are, Cloud9 allows them to access their hosted QuickBooks files at their convenience, even when their kids are asleep.
– Deborah H – Hylander CPA Firm PLLC – March 2016

I’ve used Cloud 9 for years & I’ve been exposed to other cloud services too. Hands down, Cloud 9 is easier to use and has more features. Example: it’s so easy to use Excel in the Cloud & save the document either to the desktop or the cloud or both. Not so with other vendors. THANKS. And your Customer Support (rarely needed) is superb.
-Liz F, Books by Liz, March 2016

The Tech Support Team I spoke to were both very nice and professional.
– Emi W, March 2016

The tech was very courteous & professional in his manner. I appreciate his help.
– Debbie H – March 2016

Tech Support Technician did not fully understand my request and called me to clarify. WOW, how great is that, and fixed my issue while we were on the phone. Really Great Customer Service!
– Martin M – March 2016

The call today was handled promptly. I really appreciate that.
– Laura M, Menke & Co – March 2016

The last tech I worked with was amazing and I wish I could take him home.
– Christina M – March 2016

The tech was very patient with me and was super nice during the whole process. I really appreciate guys like that.
– John O – March 2016

My accountant and I were on the phone for approx 2 hours trying to resolve my problem and we finally decided to call for help. Within 15 minutes the situation was fixed. Thank you to the courteous tech who helped me.
– Tammy G – Coca Cola Bottling Co, March 2016

Excellent. Timely, responsive, knowledgeable, efficient
– Neil M – March 2016

The Tech was patient, understanding, thoughtful and extremely knowledgeable. He made the whole experience super easy. He is a great example of quality customer service. GREAT JOB!
– Erik G – BeyondCurious – March 2016

The tech was very knowledgeable and professional. He understood exactly what my problem was, was able to explain the cause in detail, and fixed it to my satisfaction.
I couldn’t ask for a better response to my issue.
– Jacob Ellis – Frank’s Detail – March 2016

I think the tech did a great job solving the problem and stayed with it until he found the problem.
– Jose Tony A – March 2016

The support technician was prompt, professional, friendly, but most importantly he handled and resolved my “dire situation” within our retail establishment on a Saturday in an extremely quick manner. What I was most pleased with besides the prompt resolution was the short wait time to reach assistance.
– Tracy D, February 2016

This ticket was handled very well
– Karla G – February 2016

All the techs that worked on this issue were very courteous and patient. Thanks for resolving this ongoing issue
– Debbie R – February 2016

I love my cloud!!
– Elizabeth R – February 2016

I initiated the request online through the service forms and never spoke to a technician. The matter was handled swiftly and correctly. Thanks!
– Lisa K – February 2016

I enjoyed working with the tech and appreciate the helpful options he gave me while helping me. He didn’t just do what I asked, he gave me options that I didn’t know I had, and that turned out to be what I really wanted.
– Scott A – February 2016

He totally helped me get it set up and working properly..thanks a bunch!!!
Christine S – February 2016

The gentleman was very professional and knowledgeable. He jumped right in and fixed the problem which was to load Cloud 9 onto a new computer in a matter of minutes. Thanks for being there and doing it so quickly. I highly recommend using cloud 9 they are always there for you if there are any issues and they are resolved quickly. It is a very efficient system I’ve traveled all lover the U S with and have used it with not fault. Thanks for being there.
– Patrick K, Little Critterz – February 2016

Cloud9 always has been prompt and solved all issues.
– Kathy Epps – February 2016

The tech was awesome on figuring out my issue and resolving it!
– Lynn W – February 2016

Thank You.. You always find the solution to fix any of our issues!!
– Lisa K – January 2016

I compared 2 products and this one is the one I chose. I’m so glad I found Cloud 9 Real Time through Doug Sleeter and the Sleeter Group.
– Liz F – January 2016

Thank you cloud