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Outdated Accounting Software – 10 Obvious Signs: Using Outdated Accounting Technology Adds Needless Time and Cost

As an outsourced accountant, bookkeeper or consultant, you needn’t be a computer geek to assist your client’s entry into the 21st century… Oftentimes small business owners don’t realize that they are still using an accounting system that has gradually (or rapidly) become antiquated.  Often they are not cognizant that they would save time and money…

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Take a Section 179 Software Tax Deduction in 2013

A software tax deduction afforded by IRC Section 179 has been enhanced for 2013. Remember Section 179 this year and get your new software tax deduction if you purchase additional applications before year’s end.   This little enhancement of the IRC is a great tax advantage presently available for small business owners. Section 179 doesn’t increase…

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Accounting Software Hosting & More!

Accounting Software Hosting & More! Voted the #1 Accounting Software Hosting Solution by more accountants! Cloud9 Real Time provides Licensed Commercial Accounting Software Hosting with a customized and privately labeled all-in-one virtual accounting office solution. With advanced Accounting Software Hosting solutions you can have an online portal with instant access to QuickBooks, Sage Peachtree, Microsoft Office and your tax…

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