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Internet Explorer Security Update

You may have recently been made aware of a potential Internet Explorer security threat affecting users of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE), versions 6-11. At the time of this publication, Microsoft has not released information about a patch that will remove this threat but they have confirmed that browsers currently running on Windows XP will not…

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Cloud9 Heartbleed Bug Update

By now you have heard of the Heartbleed Bug and the information security risks that are associated with it. Cloud9 Real Time is taking this threat super-seriously, and as such we wanted to provide you with comprehensive details about the security measures that we have in place to protect your valuable data. We also want…

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The 8 Most Read Cloud9 Blog Posts for 2013

What subjects and articles were our readers following last year? Take a another look at our 8 most popular Cloud9 blog posts in 2013. Some of these saw their traffic buoyed by good search visibility while others enjoyed better social media popularity. The top Cloud9 blog posts for 2013 in reverse order: #8: Sleeter Moves to…

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Is Your Office WiFi Security Vulnerable to Hacking? How?

A recent article in Ars Technica rekindled a healthy nerve with many professionals and business owners regarding general password and office WiFi security…  Passwords are the keys that secure virtually everything nowadays. Use a weak password and the outcome could be disastrous.  And one of the areas where passwords are the weakest are the standard…

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