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The New Cloud IT Ecosystem: Hidden Complexity and Risk Assuaged by Due Diligence

The new cloud IT ecosystem has brought us heretofore unimagined capability and capacity for even the smallest of companies – newfound abilities to compete, build brand recognition and reach new market penetration. There are also new risks that must be circumnavigated … The old mantra for businesses, “location, location, location”, has given way to connectivity–…

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Accounting Data Online: Who Owns What Where?

Accountants and Clients Online: Who Owns What Data? Joanie Mann Accounting Technologist Joanie Mann is an acknowledged expert in the areas of private cloud enablement and ASP SaaS accounting technologies.  She blogs at Cooper-Mann Group and Bookkeeping in Bunny Slippers While mobile smart device support and remote access to applications and data is becoming a…

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