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Welcome to the New Era of SMALL CPA Practices

Is it a new golden age of  ‘small’ CPA firms? Everyone is taking note of the consolidation of the CPA profession into megafirms as we see major mergers of equals (e.g. Reznick-Cohn, Clifton-Larson). The AICPA showed a decrease in the number CPA firms over the past five years from 47,000 to 43,000. See also – 21st…

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Top Practice Trend Initiatives to Watch and Embrace

Not your father’s CPA firm! Accounting Today just published its Top Ten Practice Initiatives that accounting firms are increasingly pursuing.   (Powers Samas Accounting Machine 1948, click to enlarge) What about YOUR practice? Are you evolving at a sufficient pace for the times? 1. Strategic Management and Corporatization CPAs want to move away from a…

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