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Facing Cloud Computing Security Threats

Once we began talking about the cloud, there were 3 areas of principal concern: security, availability & reliability… First appeared: CPA Practice Advisor / April 3, 2013 Ever since we began talking about the cloud, there have been three areas of concern: security, availability and reliability. That’s why I’m not at all surprised that most…

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Infographic: Navigating The BYOD Cloud Revolution

Click for Infographic Cloud Infographic: The BYOD Cloud Revolution and what businesses must do to protect their data – As new developments evolve to fill the digital marketplace, a distinct relative shift in how businesses and technology consumers alike utilize communication, collaboration and computation tech is molding a picture of a more connected electronic universe.…

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The 10 Key Things To Look For in Cloud Service Providers

Good Cloud Service Providers : Ten Attributes  Small business cloud computing is growing rapidly with increasing number of new players.  If you are just beginning to look for cloud service providers, here are the top considerations you should hold firmly in mind. See also: Just How Secure Is Your Cloud? 1. Top Technical Expertise Cloud service…

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Cloud Threat Horizon – the Big Three Concerns to Watch

While no longer in its infancy, the era of cloud computing services is relatively new and must circumnavigate a number of challenges that could impede further growth.  “The best way a company can protect itself is to team up with reputable providers and to avoid unintentionally compromising data security by rushing to escape limitations caused…

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