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Cloud Computing Future

Free Webinar Thurs July 17th: – 5 Ways Cloud Computing Will Evolve Your Business

By taking advantage of cloud computing services SMBs now reap the benefits of not having to invest in a physical infrastructure like in-house servers. Additionally, the anytime, anywhere availability of these solutions leads to a hassle-free collaboration among business partners, employees, and clients.  Join Michael Giardina (Office Tools CEO) and Robert Chandler (Cloud9 CEO) for…

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Cloud Computing, Work-Life Balance and You

While the U.S. economy sluggishly climbs back up (fingers crossed), many or most of America’s small business operators are toiling harder than ever. In fact, business owners typically spend so much time managing their companies, there’s scant time left to grow their companies, let alone achieve an optimal work-life balance. The Challenge of Growth Growing…

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Infographic: Goodbye to Office Toolus Extinctus

A new study, survey-ed more than 7,000 professionals worldwide … … and queried which tech and trends are likely not be seen by the year 2017. 1000s of business and practice managers agreed they could likely soon see such office tool staples  as the tape recorder, fax machine, and Rolodex at science exhibits alongside petrified…

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Cloud Threat Horizon – the Big Three Concerns to Watch

While no longer in its infancy, the era of cloud computing services is relatively new and must circumnavigate a number of challenges that could impede further growth.  “The best way a company can protect itself is to team up with reputable providers and to avoid unintentionally compromising data security by rushing to escape limitations caused…

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