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How Social Media Will Help Your Small Business Blossom

With all the technology available these days, ignoring social media services is a big mistake for any business owner. Social media has changed the way we communicate in all aspects whether it’s with friends, family or business professionals. It’s important to know how to use social media services to boost traffic to your website, create…

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Premise IT vs. Cloud Computing: What You Need To Consider For Your Business

Thinking of switching to the Cloud? You may be surprised by how much your business can benefit by scrapping the old school premise IT. Business owners are spending too much money by not considering the Cloud. This article will compare similarities and differences of Premise IT vs. Cloud Computing. The main difference of the two is how they are accessed.…

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7 Ways Construction in the Cloud Can Help Your Company

Average construction companies tend to be not up to date with the latest and greatest forms of technology. If this sounds familiar to your company, maybe it’s time to take a gander at construction in the Cloud. Previously, Cloud technology has been perceived as a service for the elite, those big corporations and large businesses…

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