Cloud application hosting is the ideal approach for businesses and can save you 30-50% on IT expenses including: physical hardware, server licensing, backups, Anti-Virus, and technical support. We save thousands of customers millions of dollars in costs – freeing up internal resources and increasing revenue growth.


  • All of your desktop apps in the Cloud
  • Disaster Recovery Plan with Backups and Security
  • Anytime, anywhere access via any device
  • Full Desktop version of QuickBooks


  • Same freedom & flexibility of a local server
  • Only you and your users on your server
  • Microsoft Exchange Services
  • Scalability for growth

Infrastructure as a Service

  • Utility service computing/billing model
  • Automation of server administration
  • Rapid and dynamic scaling
  • Desktop virtualization
  • Software application hosting
  • Simplified PC maintenance


Private Virtual Servers

  • All Inclusive Servers
  • No monthly storage fees
  • Automatic nightly backups
  • 3rd party application hosting
  • QuickBooks & Sage hosting
  • Microsoft Office & Exchange
  • Customized user access
  • Private white labeling

Our servers, backups, data centers and tech support are based in the United States.
IT, security, and engineering is never outsourced for any reason. Ever.

Client Testimonials

“We stopped worrying about IT issues. Cloudnine takes care of everything now. We can use our local desktops simultaneously with our cloud programs. It's the best of both worlds.”

W. Eugene Hallman

Hallman Law Office