Phase 1 - Pre Launch

Its time for your Data Migration! As a new client of Cloudnine Realtime, you have several options available when it comes to transferring your data to the Cloud. These options depend on how much data you need to transfer and what kind of data needs to be uploaded.

Data migration does require downtime, so please set a time with your sales engineer that works well for this phase to take place. We recommend starting this process once the day is over or over the weekend. The process can take as little as an hour, or several hours depending on how much data you have. Below are a few options to choose from depending on your data size. The File Download Time Calculator can help you determine the time needed.

Copy Files

Copy and Paste:

If you have 15 GB or less of information, the simplest option is to copy the data from your local machine to the Cloud using copy and paste. This can only be done after your server is launched. Right click on the file(s) you would like to copy and select “Copy.” Then go to where you would like to place the data in your Cloud, then right click and select “Paste.”

File Transfer Protocol (FTP):

If you have between 16 GB and 49 GB of data, File Transfer Protocol or FTP is the best way to transfer data. This method utilizes a 3rd party application to transfer your data in a constant stream over the internet. This method can be done before or after your server is launched. Cloudnine will provide you a server name and login credentials that you can use to access your FTP location. From here you will move your data from your computer to the Cloud to be sorted after the data transfer is complete.

Send us a Hard Drive:

For data sets over 50 GB, we recommend that you back up all of your data onto a hard drive and send it to our data center. By utilizing this method you can ensure that all your data gets on the drive and on the server. This method can be done before or after your server launch, but we suggest that you download and send your data to us as soon as possible.