Phase 1 - Pre Launch

Data Migration Overview:

As a new client of Cloudnine Realtime, you have several options available when it comes to transferring your data to the Cloud. These options depend on how much data you need to transfer and what kind of data needs to be uploaded.

Data Migration is done at the end of Phase 2, after the server build has been complete. Because data migration requires downtime, we request that you start planning for this downtime. We also recommend starting this process once the day is over or during the weekend. This process can take as little as an hour, or several hours depending on how much data you have (the File Download Time Calculator can help you determine the time needed). Below are a few options to choose from depending on your data size.

Copy and Paste:
If you have 15 GB or less of information, the simplest option is to copy the data from your local machine to the Cloud using copy and paste. This can only be done after your server is launched. Right click on the file(s) you would like to copy and select “Copy.” Then go to where you would like to place the data in your Cloud, then right click and select “Paste.”

File Transfer Protocol (FTP):
If you have between 16 GB and 49 GB of data, File Transfer Protocol (or FTP) is the best way to transfer data. This method utilizes a 3rd party application to transfer your data in a constant stream over the internet. This method can be done before or after your server is launched. Cloudnine will provide you a server name and login credentials that you can use to access your FTP location. From here you will move your data from your computer to the Cloud to be sorted after the data transfer is complete.

Send us a Hard Drive:
For data sets over 50 GB, we recommend that you back up all of your data onto a hard drive and send it to our data center. By utilizing this method you can ensure that all your data gets on the drive and on the server. This method can be done before or after your server launch, but we suggest that you download and send your data to us as soon as possible. We will confirm your data storage location in the next phase and include the address for shipping.

cloud connecting

System Updates and Requirements:

Cloudnine Realtime does ask that your computer is up to date with Windows updates for our services to run properly. The most common updates are below:

Windows Vista:
Still working in Vista? We do kindly ask you to update your computer to Windows 7 or newer before moving to the cloud.

Windows 7 or Newer:
Congratulations! You’re almost there. Please click the following links to ensure all updates are current:

Windows XP Notes:
As of April 2014 Microsoft stopped supporting updates for Windows XP. As a result, Cloudnine Realtime has stopped supporting Windows XP as well. If you are currently using a version of Windows XP please upgrade to ensure continued support in the cloud. While Windows Vista is supported, we recommend Windows 8 or newer to take advantage of current security and other protocols.

System Requirements:
To determine your Windows version and RAM, you are able to bring up the system information by following one of these steps:

  • Right click on Start Menu and select “System”
  • Click on your Start Menu. Click Control Panel. Click System

Recommended Requirements:

  • Remote Desktop Protocol (connection) 7.1 or higher
  • 2GB Hard Drive Free Space
  • 4GB RAM
  • Dual Screen Monitors

Minimum Requirements:

  • Remote Desktop Protocol (connection) 7.1 or higher
  • 150MB Hard Drive Free Space
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1024 x 768 monitor resolution

System Requirement Notes: If you are on a home network, most popular mainstream routers will be fine.

Test your Internet:
To best utilize all the benefits of your cloud experience, please confirm that your internet speeds are at least 3 MBPS download and 512 KBPS upload

Internet Speed:  To keep your internet speed running efficiently, please consider removing firewall software from your computer if you go with a business class router.
Click here to test your Internet speed

Work Order and Licensing:

We have attached a work order form to your welcome email for you (or your local IT) to complete. Some applications you have chosen to host in the Cloud will need license keys, authorization codes, and user information. Before moving to the next steps, please fill this out and return it to as soon as possible. We can’t customize your environment without this sheet. Based on your order, we have attached application information card(s) from our library of popular hosted applications to help locate this information

Your Private Virtual Server will launch 7 business days after we receive and verify your work order form. Once your environment goes live, some applications may not be usable if the received information is incorrect or omitted. Please note that your server will go live no later than 30 days from your contract signing. If you need your environment built before the 7 day deadline, inquire about an expedited build for an additional fee.

All good things take time! You are currently in stage one – The work order phase, only two more to go! Once your information is returned and the work order documents accepted, you will move you into stage two, your server build.  Stage three is when your Virtual Server is complete! In stage three we will set up your data migration as well as a time to speak with your sales engineer for training, and introduce you to your account manager.

Cloudnine is here to help! This is a big change that you are bringing into your company and we honor that change. If you have any questions, concerns, or trouble finding the information needed for your work order documents, please reply to your welcome email or reach me at 888-869-0076 x 2. We look forward to serving you in the Cloud.