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Kathleen Wilson

WF Communications, LLC

“You guys get the job done, very helpful.”

February 2017
Debra Reeves

Debra Reeves CPA

“I tried to use another hosting service offered through my tax software company.  The service itself was below par compared to Cloud 9.  I moved back to Cloud 9.  The customer service team is by far more knowledgeable and helpful.  The other service could not even compare to Cloud 9.”

February 2017
Shari Miller

NogginLabs, Inc.

“Cloud9 really saves me time and helps me work more efficiently. I don’t know why I didn’t partner with them sooner. A real life saver!!”

January 2017
Kylie Keiser Mills

Majestic Homes

“Cloud9 Technical Service Team is my absolute favorite customer service team to work with. Every time I call I get someone very helpful and knowledgeable. Such a breath of fresh hair when you are dealing with technical issues!”

December 2016
Lura Alyea

Rikard & Neal

“My problem was resolved timely and quickly with exceptional courtesy and professionalism. ”

October 2016
Shelly Baraceros

Perfect Smiles Family Dentistry

“My technician was knowledgeable, professional and friendly. He resolved my issue in less than 5 minutes. Thank you for the terrific customer service!! ”

October 2016
Barbara Baumgard

Epic Missions

“This was my first time calling Cloud 9 and I was impressed.  My question was handled in a professional manner and not only was it quickly answered but I was walked through the process so I understood the answer completely. I highly recommend Cloud9. ”

September 2016
Allan Shamoeil

HMI Inc.

“We were in need of technical support and Daril was amazing at walking us through the process. We are very satisfied with Cloud 9 services.”

September 2016
Judith O’Neal

Pizza Hotline

“I really appreciated the professional, knowledgeable,and courteous tech support I received from Chris today. He knew exactly what I needed to do to resolve my problem and handled it quickly and efficiently . This is the second good experience I have had with the tech support at Cloud9. I find this highly unusual with other companies. I can not say enough good things about your customer services.”

August 2016
Suresh Bhula

Comfort Suites

“It took technician to diagnose the problem and fix it in less than five minutes! Wow! Keep up the good work.”

August 2016
W. Eugene Hallman

Hallman Law Office

Image result for eugene hallman

“We stopped worrying about IT issues. Cloudnine takes care of everything now. We can use our local desktops simultaneously with our cloud programs. It’s the best of both worlds.”

July 2016
Rick Armstrong

QBPro Consulting

Rick Armstrong

“I have increased profits with Cloudnine Realtime technology. Not only does it give me instant access to my client files, I have been able to grow my practice online with their solutions.”

July 2016
Jonathan Miller

Johnathan Miller, CPA

“Never having to worry about getting a bill when there is a problem to be fixed is a huge relief and keeps the strain off my cash flow.”

July 2016
Tara Ferry

Elevator Boutique

“Our experience with Cloudnine has been great. Their customer service is tremendous. The timely follow through to resolve issues is terrific. They really know their products.”

June 2016
Neal Morton

Morton Air Conditioning

“Cloudnine put our data and key applications in the cloud. We have consistent backup, constant availability and far more affordable support.”

June 2016
Jody Linick

Linick Consulting

“The thing I appreciate most about Cloudnine Realtime is that they actually listen to client feedback. This improves their overall systems and services.”

June 2016
Wesley Walterscheid

Cetane Energy

“Cloud 9 is just that compared to our previous hosting provider. QuickBooks loads at lightning speed. Before we would have to wait over 5 minutes for tabs to load in QuickBooks, now it loads instantly. The few problems I have had were resolved within 30 minutes by very gracious and kind support technicians.”

June 2016
Jennifer L. Katrulya


“Our clients rely on us to help them select, implement, and maintain a mix of technology solutions…with Cloudnine, we can be confident we’re giving them the best every single day.”

June 2016
Geni Whitehouse

Solve Services

“Cloudnine was really the first stop for us. They made it easy to get all of the essentials working. I can’t imagine getting this whole thing off the ground without them.”

June 2016
Diana Turner


“Cloudnine put our data and key applications in the cloud, so we have consistent backup, constant availability and far more affordable support.”

June 2016
Assem Bayaa

Assem N Bayaa, CPA

“Outstanding service that exceeded my expectation. The service rep returned the call promptly and was extremely courteous, professional, patient, and efficient.”

June 2016
Jan Krause

Krause CPAs

“Over the 5 years we have worked with Cloudnine, I have found the technicians to be friendly, knowledgeable, and possess a fine sense of humor.”

June 2016
Ed Jaworski

SMB Partners

“I love Cloud 9 – you are my QuickBooks Host of Choice when the need arises for my clients.”

May 2016
Jason DeLuca

N.E.T.S. Inc.

“Tech support is always fast to respond, and they always seem to know how to resolve any issues we come across.”

May 2016
George Carlson

Marine Corps Engineer Association

“We have used Cloud9 to host our Quick Books accounting package for some 18 months now. In that time there have been very few issues of any kind and the few we have had were handled in literally minutes, not hours or days. Cloud9 support folks actually know and understand what they are talking about — unlike so many support sites that what you get is a script read by an automaton who had no foggy notion what the words mean. They actually solve the issue for you rather than referring you to a web site or another vendor”

April 2016
Martin Meyer

B Meyer Bookkeeping Solutions

“I love the new call back service. I can continue to work while i wait for a call back from Tech Support and I don’t lose my place in line. Innovative Ideas keep making Cloud9 better than ever.”

March 2016
Liz Fleming

Books by Liz

“I’ve used Cloud 9 for years & I’ve been exposed to Right Networks too. Hands down, Cloud 9 is easier to use and has more features. Example: it’s so easy to use Excel in the Cloud & save the document either to the desktop or the cloud or both. Not so with other vendors. THANKS. And your Customer Support (rarely needed) is superb.”

March 2016
Deborah Hylander

Hylander CPA Firm PLLC

“Cloud9 allows me to work from home which is great when you are juggling running your own practice and parenthood. It also allows me to tap into expertise with part time people without adding square footage, so $ savings plus adding specialists. Offers secure backup so I can sleep at night. Allows us to offer better client service, our clients are facing same pressures we are, Cloud9 allows them to access their hosted QuickBooks files at their convenience, even when their kids are asleep.”

March 2016
Patrick Korch

Little Critterz

“I highly recommend using cloud 9 they are always there for you if there are any issues and they are resolved quickly. It is a very efficient system I’ve traveled all over the U S with and have used it with not fault. Thanks for being there.”

February 2016
Michael Sheary

Yorke, Burke & Lee CPAs

“Cloud9 techs handle the IT Gremlins so I can focus on my clients.  There’s a value to that, and why our firm is on Cloud9!”

Randal DeHart

Business Consulting and Accounting

“Hello Everyone At Support,We do not say it near enough…  Thank You! For all you do! You are the unsung heroes who make it possible for us to do our work with ease and grace.”

Paul Farrell


“The mark of a Well run company is the effort and success they have of duplicating excellent results. The Cloud9 help desk automation is so well done that I can usually find answers to my questions online without help of the tech.”

Barbara Zimmer

Teamwork LLC
“I have always had quick and courteous service from Cloud9 both Tech and customer service in general.  I have my entire firm on the Cloud9 portal and even during tax season I have never had a problem.  You save me not only lots of money, but lots of headaches. Thank you for the great service.”

Martin Meyer

B. Meyer Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC

“Your technical service team came through for me again.  I had an issue that needed to be resolved quickly and they out did themselves in helping me accomplish the task at hand.  Cloud9 step up to the plate and hit a home run for me again. Thanks so much you are really appreciated.”

Lisa Murray

Sullivan & Company

“Using cloud technology is a very pleasant experience, and in the process of having an issue on my computer, support was able to teach me something; so, that was a nice bonus! They were prompt in contacting me about my issue, and now they have given me a tool to use to find out what my issue is.”

Connie Brooks


“We always like to know what happened and why. Technical support is prompt and courteous.  We love Cloud9.”

Kathy Rothschild

Good Books Gal

“Cloud9 Real Time changed my life. I really love our new cloud!”

Tom Bivens

Victor Valley Market

“Thank you for your great service. You are AWESOME! I cannot express enough appreciation for helping us out and on a Saturday to boot. You were GREAT!”