Cloud Hosted Sage Exchange

Cloud Hosted Sage Exchange from Cloud9 is a PA-DSS (Payment Application–Data Security Standard) certified payment platform that integrates with select Sage North America products as well as select third-party software.

All software products that integrate with Sage Exchange no longer store, process or transmit credit card data as part of their software.

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For all credit card processing that involves the storage, processing or transmission of credit card data, the software product engages the Sage Exchange payment platform to perform this function.

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Get benefited with the following features of cloud hosted Sage Exchange

  • Easy Customization
  • Simple Mobile Payments
  • PCI Free Zone

Cloud9 offers a robust Sage Exchange cloud hosted environment that consolidates all of your payment activity onto one cloud-based platform. This platform is accessed and administered from a Cloud9 private virtual server/IaaS platform that allows you to:

  • Single sign on to all of your payment applications
  • Have a real time consolidated view all of your payment activity through both dashboard and reporting views
  • Administer multiple users and control their access from a central source
  • Contact our support group or self service portal
  • Connect your Sage ERP/Accounting software to your payment devices for automated reconciliation of payment activity
  • Create coupons for your customers and push them to your Point of Sale terminals in realtime
  • and much more!

pricing for cloud hosted sage exchange and hosted sage software


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