Cloud9 $5,000 Giveaway

The contest is simple, create at 2-3 minute video sharing how Cloud9’s technology has shaped and changed the way your firm does business on the Cloud and with your clients! There are no specifics about how to make the short video, so this is your chance to be creative. It can be as easy as filming a couple minutes on your phone, interviewing people in your company about Cloud9, or even animation! The company with the best video will win the $5,000 cash prize.

Contest Rules are Simple:

  1. Video must be submitted via to Cloud9 Real Time by January 31, 2016. Emails with submissions should be sent to
    • Videos will be shared on the Cloud9 Facebook page. Likes, comments, and shares will be a considered when choosing the winning video.
  2. Each video must be under 3 minutes in length. Any video over 3 minutes in length will be disqualified.
  3. Video should communicate how Cloud9 Technology helps you better meet the needs of your business clients.
  4. Must be a current Cloud9 Client, only 1 submission per client.
  5. Only 1 winner will be awarded the $5,000.
  6. No profanity, violence or grossness of any kind shall be used in the videos.
  7. Contest Rules and Regulations may change at any time.
  8. Additional information about contests may be viewed on the California Department of Consumer Affairs website.

If you have any questions, please email and a member of the Cloud9 Community team will contact you shortly.

Good Luck Participants!

Some additional marketing for the winner!

Contest Winner will be announced in a press release put out by Cloud9 and the winning video and company will be featured on blog as well as our front page!