Sage 100 Hosting Contractor


We provide Sage 100 Hosting in the cloud. Created with construction companies and contractors in mind, Sage 100 Contractor is more than just a standard accounting software. Get seamless access to business and project information. Manage your operations more effectively. Don’t just balance your books – get the integrated construction accounting and management software designed specifically to help you stay on track and experience growth.

Sage 100 hosting with Cloudnine Realtime is a combination that will give you anytime. anywhere access to your critical financial information.

See the Big Picture

With Sage 100 hosting, design customized reports that reflect your business environment. Once you have created and saved the reports you want, you can immediately access and use them anytime.

Spend more time ensuring that jobs are profitable and moving forward. Schedule any of these new reports to be distributed to the right team members so they get the information they need.

Document management made easy with Sage 100 hosting. All in one place, and where you need it most.

Document Management

Document Control helps you get a handle on the documents that drive your projects. Your firm can create, track, get approval for, and store important project documents, such as:

  • Plans and specifications
  • Transmittals
  • Submittals
  • Correspondence
  • Requests for proposals
  • Requests for information









Sage 100 Hosting Contractor edition in the cloud.

Keep on top of all your projects with Sage 100 Hosting features like "Workstation".

Multiple Projects, One Work Center

Monitor outstanding tasks like, invoices, billings, RFIs, and transmittals.

Track important project details like contracts, budgets, change orders and costs.

Easily view important job contact information including the client, email, and phone numbers—all on one screen.

Streamline you customer service engagement with Sage 100 hosting and included management tools.

Enhanced Customer Service

Raise your efficiency in scheduling, performing, and billing for service and warranty work.

Improve service by assigning the right technician to the right job at the right time on the state-of-the-art dispatch board.

Keep your inventory up to date as service work is performed.

Reduce time-consuming data entry by allowing technicians to enter work order details in the field.

Sage, combined with the our supercharged cloud hosted environment = success.