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Seamlessly Integrate QuickBooks with Results CRM

Results CRM, an AbacusNext Product and the Highest Rated CRM with bi-directional QuickBooks integration, works with every version of QuickBooks including QuickBooks Desktop hosted in Cloudnine, QuickBooks Online, and the latest QuickBooks 2018. Updating a contact record in QuickBooks automatically syncs information in to Results, and updating in Results automatically syncs the changes in QuickBooks.…

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6 Time-Saving Benefits of Smart Integration: What Happens When CRM and QuickBooks Talk

Did you know that integrating a CRM with QuickBooks can not only save a business valuable time but can also streamline workflow with automation, generate revenue through up-sell opportunities and improve business relationships by providing visibility into client and vendor information to all staff? See also: The Future Of QuickBooks Desktop: What’s Next? When a…

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Cloud Summit 2014 – It's A Wrap! Download This Year's Presentations Here

> DOWNLOAD PRESENTATIONS Thank you to everyone who participated and attended Cloud Summit 2014. We had an overwhelmingly positive response to the conference, and would personally like to thank you for being in attendance and making this a successful show. We have already started planning Cloud Summit 2015 based on the feedback received and are looking…

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Featured Partner Case Study: Bill & Pay Online Solution

The Bill & Pay online solution provides its clients the ability to automatically send invoices to and receive payments from its customers. Invoices and history are presented to the customer via a securely branded customer portal. Payment processing includes Automated Clearing House (ACH) or credit card payments. Recurring payments and payment plans can be set…

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Accounting Firm SEO – part 1

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, for accounting firms and other professional practices, is a procedural strategy whereby a CPA firm expends some of its money and/or valuable time systematically adjusting its Internet-based content and related website factors with the goal of ranking higher in the ‘organic’ (or natural) search engine results served up by Google…

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Cloud-Based Tax Practice Guide – – Leveraging Digital Tax Document Automation

Cloud-based tax preparation document automation solutions allow practices to move into entirely cloud-based tax practice modalities Tax preparation has evolved considerably from the old era of service bureaus, couriers and paper forms. Computer-based tax applications permitted tax returns to be prepared entirely in-house. And now, thanks to advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR), source documents like W-2s, K1s,…

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Cloud Accounting: Three Thought Leaders Weigh In

Robert J. Chandler Cloud9 CEO Robert Chandler and Fannit CEO Keith Eneix, hosts of CloudTalk Radio, interviewed some of the thought leaders in the accounting industry at the AICPA conference last month held in Las Vegas. Some changes happening in the accounting industry are impacting businesses all over and it is worth getting it straight from the horse’s…

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Cloud9 Real Time & National Advisor Network Announce – – 'App Academy' w/ Webinar Series for Intuit ProAdvisors

Cloud9 Real Time, the leader in cloud server solutions for accounting firms, professional practices and SMBs, announced that it has joined with the National Advisor Network (‘NAN’) App Academy to co-host 12 monthly webinars. The NAN App Academy provides members with an on-going in-depth examination of QuickBooks-integrated solutions for Intuit and accounting advisors to stay…

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Office Tools Professional & Cloud9 Announce Partnership!

Office Tools Professional, provider of Practice Management software, Practice Management Conferences, and publisher of My Office Today magazine, has just announced their partnership with Cloud9 Real Time, the award winning cloud hosting company of Accounting and Tax firms. Office Tools Professional, a premier provider of professional practice management software solutions, recently announced a partnership with…

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