Cloud Hosted Sage ACT!

Cloud Hosted Sage ACT delivered from Cloud9…

…is one of the most popular and affordable CRM systems around, with millions of customers. Cloud Hosted Sage ACT has all of the functionality a small business sales team needs to manage the sales pipeline and recruit new clients at a price tag.

pricing for cloud hosted sage act and hosted sage software

Cloud Hosted Sage ACT! delivered by Cloud9 rocks

A few of Sage ACT!’s features are the meeting notes and task reminders along with automation functions.

Marketing with Cloud Hosted Sage ACT!

The Cloud Hosted Sage ACT! 2013 and 2012 editions also have basic marketing automation capabilities to help your business create compelling campaigns and track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Other important features of Cloud Hosted Sage ACT! include contact, company and opportunity management, a calendar, communication tools, the ability to track prospective customers, “dashboards”, reports, and the ability to synchronize data from other applications or other ACT!

Cloud Hosted Sage ACT! Allows multiple users to access the same data simultaneously and can interface with popular word processing, spreadsheet, and email software. It features a variety of “dashboards” which are graphical representations of key activity that allows users to spot new business opportunities, and can generate a wide variety of statistical reports.

Cloud hosted Sage ACT! Contact management software is so well-known and widely-used both in the U.S. and abroad. As it is user-friendly and intuitive, so the learning curve should be minimal. Cloud hosted Sage ACT! Is also available in mobile mode. Access contact and calendar details from your iPhone®, iPad®, BlackBerry®, or Android™ device.

pricing for cloud hosted sage act and hosted sage software

Sage ACT! hosted by Cloud9 makes it easy for you to manage anything and everything related to your contacts and calendar. Think of it like your business’ command center that serves up relevant relationship details and also connects to business-critical services, desktop and web-based productivity tools, and social media to help you get results.

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