Cloud Hosted Sage 300 Trade Specialty

Cloud Hosted Sage 300 Trade Specialty …

… hosted on Cloud9 Real Time’s award-winning private virtual server solution, presents a comprehensive suite of accounting, service management, estimating, inventory, payroll, and reporting applications in one software solution. It is designed to help you track every aspect of your business performance while growing with your company’s demands.

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Introducing Hosted Sage 300 Trade Specialty

Sage Timberline Enterprise is now Sage 300 Trade Specialty. Designed specifically for specialty and service contractors to address today’s business complexities, Sage 300 Trade Specialty is built on the high-performance Microsoft SQL Server database. With Sage 300 Trade Specialty you can eliminate multiple software systems, access crucial information from a centralized location, and avoid redundant, error-prone data entry.

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Cloud Hosted Sage 300 Trade Specialty

Sophisticated yet simple, the Sage 300 Trade Specialty architecture is tightly included among service management, purchasing, inventory, and accounting applications. This eliminates the need for recurring, error-prone data entry and guarantee’s that your information is always up to date and to the point.

Cloud Hosted Sage 300 Trade Specialty maintain your company’s most critical data in one centralized spot.Whether you’re a service contractor, you need process efficiency on every angle of your business if you expect to cut costs for you and your customers. That’s why if you really want to operate as lean as possible, you need tomorrow’s business management technology today.

Cloud Hosted Sage 300 Trade Specialty helps to:

  • Get accurate, instant answers through interactive inquiries.
  • Generate presentation-quality custom or standard reports.
  • Easily export data to create charts, graphs, and trend analysis.
  • Access and easily work with critical data using interactive and intuitive Work spaces.
  • Simplify your workflow using Process Maps that provide your team with a customizable visual representation of their most important everyday tasks.
  • Gain maximum control and visibility over your service work with a Dispatch Board that makes assigning projects a breeze.
  • Eliminate time-consuming data input redundancy with tight integration between all applications.
  • Save time and gain complete control over service and maintenance work with a state-of the-art dispatch system.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry with tight integration to accounting, purchasing, inventory, and job management applications.
  • Easily create, modify, and monitor service and preventive maintenance agreements.

pricing for cloud hosted sage 300 trade specialty and other cloud9 hosted sage software


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