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Free Webinar: Moving to the Cloud

  Most small and mid-market businesses, let alone accounting firms, are still reluctant to moving their business processes to the cloud. This is in part  because companies and their IT departments are hesitant to leave the “legacy paradigm” of their current infrastructure. Moving your firm and your clients to the Cloud can be a little…

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QuickBooks Hosting Free Trial

Cloud9 Real Time offers a free 7 Day Trial of its e-Dashboard technology and QuickBooks & Sage Hosting services. Clients can test the speed of the Cloud, and get an idea of the benefits that accounting , Tax, or CRM application Hosting offers. Each trial account includes Microsoft Word and Excel 2007 as well as…

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Cloud Computing Benefits for Finance and Accounting

The Benefits of Cloud Computing to Finance and Accounting What Is Cloud Computing?  Many people now use the term “cloud computing” to describe many varied technologies and services things. Cloud computing is not new per’se. What that simply means is that software applications are delivered using Web infrastructure where the client side is a web…

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