Your Exchange data will be moved to a new Microsoft Exchange hosted platform.

You will need to reconfigure your Outlook:

After the final cutover, you may not have access to your email. You will need to reconfigure your Outlook to receive emails. Please make sure all users in your organization are aware of this change.

For Outlook on desktop, you will simply be prompted for your password in order to begin receiving emails, and you may be prompted to restart Outlook. In some cases, it may be necessary for you to rebuild your Outlook profile. Please reference the links below for directions. You will need to update your mobile device configuration if you receive Exchange email on it. See instructions below.

• How to Recreate an Outlook Email Profile
• How to change Android Exchange Settings
• How to change iPhone/iPad and Mac Exchange Settings
• How to Access Outlook via the Web (OWA)

Thank you for your cooperation throughout this process. For questions and concerns, please contact your designated account manager or Cloudnine technical support.

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