Why Every Business Should Have A Disaster Recovery Plan On The Cloud

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Accidents Happen.
Prevent Them Before They Get To You
Cloud Disaster Recovery Plans are Essential

The loss of data and important information can ruin any business. This blog will help you learn more about how important it is to have a disaster recovery plan, and why the cloud is a great choice for you and your business.

Let’s be honest, we are all human and accidents happen. In fact, U.S. airports report approximately 637,000 laptops are lost each year. (Source)  Whether it’s accidentally left behind, or stolen- it’s gone. In fact, there was a case last year when an undercover detective got his laptop stolen. Whoever the thief is now has possession of over 2,000 social security numbers and drivers license numbers. That’s not even the worst of it. The laptop also contained extremely important criminal justice information, including confidential information about crime victims, witnesses, police officers and suspects.

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And then there’s mother nature, who, as we all know works in mysterious ways. When Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey, it cost more than $819.8 million in disaster recovery loans, according to the United States Small Business Administration. (Source)

From power outages resulting from storms, flash floods, electrical fires- your precious data could be lost in an instant. This is why it’s important to understand how crucial it is to have the Cloud with a disaster recovery plan.

Some companies have a tendency to go without a disaster recovery plan until a problem occurs and sadly it’s too late to retrieve the lost data and information. “The Institute for Business and Home Safety reports that 25 percent of companies never reopen after a major disaster.” (Source)

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How does it work?

The clouds disaster recovery plan is best described by having two sections: a cloud backup component and an on-premise backup. Even after a significant disaster, these two parts work together in order to get your company quickly back up and running. Here’s a simple graph showing how Cloud9 Real Time’s disaster recovery plan works:

Cloud9 Real Time Data Center Redundancies


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Is it affordable? What about for SMBs?

Yes. The cloud disaster recovery plan has been widely popular even for smaller companies who may not have the IT infrastructure for a complicated on-premise system. “Among U.S. companies, the average cost of downtime for a small or medium business is over $8,500 per hour.” (Source)

What about scalability?

With the clouds disaster recovery plan, if your business grows, the cloud will grow with you. This makes things easier since companies won’t have to spend thousands of up front costs for services they don’t need. Cloud disaster recovery allows you to pay for what you need- when you need it.

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And data protection?

The disaster recovery plan automatically saves and backups your data and confidential information, so that it is secure. The data is protected in real time and is stored in multiple devices to ensure the highest quality of security.

SafeWalletLogoThere are countless disaster recovery success stories out there. Dan Stone, an IT specialist shared his story in an interview with Latisys. “One of our clients supplies to internationally known car manufacturers. All companies operate 24/7, so there is a strict zero downtime policy. Every minute of downtime can equal hundreds of thousands of dollars of losses, and extra costs for staff to catch up on hours lost in the factories.” (Source)

If your company isn’t using the Cloud to back up data, information and applications then it is definitely time to consider making a change and hopping to the Cloud.

Be smart, prevent disasters before they start.

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