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Marketing Tip #1 – Say thank you

When was the last time you said thank you? Unfortunately it’s something we don’t say often enough. However from a marketing standpoint a sincere thank you will immediately set you…

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QuickBooks Hosting Free Trial

Cloud9 Real Time offers a free 7 Day Trial of its e-Dashboard technology and QuickBooks & Sage Hosting services. Clients can test the speed of the Cloud, and get an…

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Accounting Software Hosting & More!

Accounting Software Hosting & More! Voted the #1 Accounting Software Hosting Solution by more accountants! Cloud9 Real Time provides Licensed Commercial Accounting Software Hosting with a customized and privately labeled all-in-one virtual accounting…

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Marketing Tips from a Lemonade Stand

The title alone is eye-catching however the content from a recent article, and the lessons learned, are priceless.  Incorporate a few more marketing ideas below based on the lessons from…

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