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Upgrading your QuickBooks File Version

If you need to upgrade your QuickBooks file to a more recent version, you will need to have an Authorized Contact complete and submit the Upgrade QuickBooks File Version form (this is required even if you want to upgrade the file yourself). There is a $25 setup fee (per file) for having Cloudnine do the upgrade, or you can do the upgrade yourself by following the steps below.

  1. Log into the Cloud and click on the Cloud Files icon displayed on your Cloud Applications page.
  2. As the admin user, open your file in the current version of QuickBooks in single-user mode.
  3. Select File > Utilities > Verify.
  4. If QuickBooks detects any problems with your file, run the rebuild utility and then repeat step 3. if not, close your current version of QuickBooks and then re-open it.
  5. Select File > Save Copy or Backup to create a backup of your QuickBooks file.
  6. Click Browse and identify the backup location as the eBusiness folder or QuickBooks folder on the H: drive.

    Important: By default the file will save to the C: drive. If the location is not changed, an error message will indicate insufficient permissions and prompt for the location to be changed. Click Change Location and browse to the H: drive to save your file.

  7. Close the file.
  8. Return to the Cloud Application page and click on the QuickBooks icon for the version you upgrading to.
  9. Click Open or restore an existing company (you must log in as the QuickBooks administrator to upgrade your company file).

  10. Select the file to be upgraded. QuickBooks prompts for the file to be updated.
  11. Mark the I understand checkbox and click Upgrade now.

    Note: The upgrade time will depend on the size of your QuickBooks file. It is important that you do NOT exit or cancel out of QuickBooks during this time.

  12. QuickBooks prompts you to back up your company file. Back up the file as you did in steps 5-6.
  13. Click Finish (QuickBooks saves the backup).
  14. Click Yes when QuickBooks prompts you to Update Company.