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QuickBooks Scan Manager Error

When using a previously working setup that includes a TWAIN-compliant scanner, there may be errors when utilizing TSScan. This solution describes what to do if attaching documents using the Scan Document feature in QuickBooks Attached Documents results in errors. TSScan must be installed and working on the workstation.

Example Error: Scanner [TWAIN:TSSCAN] could not be selected.

  1. Open QuickBooks.
  2. Open a sample company file.
  3. Select Company > Documents > Doc Center.
  4. Click Scan a Document in the Doc Center window.
  5. Click Select and select TSScan as the scanner.
  6. Scan a sample document into the test file.
  7. Attach a document to the sample file.
  8. Exit the company file.
  9. Try scanning a document to verify the issue is resolved.