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Downloading Banking or Credit Card Transactions

When you attempt to import a .QBO file directly into a QuickBooks file, you are met with a message about how to process that import with the options: Open, Save, or Cancel. When you click Open, it attempts to open the last edition of QuickBooks. So if you have a 2011 QuickBooks data file open (or 11.0 if you use Enterprise), and the last edition of QuickBooks installed is 2012, and edition of QuickBooks 2012 will open and may prompt you with an error message. The same can be said for most other editions of QuickBooks.

At this time, the steps below are a work-around for the issue until Intuit finds a solution for this problem.

  1. Log into your QuickBooks data file.
  2. Select Banking > Online Banking > Online Banking Center.
  3. Click Save when prompted to download a QuickBooks WebConnect file (.QBO).
  4. Save the data file to the H: drive for your company (or the company you are bookkeeping for). You may save the .QBO file anywhere within the H: drive that is easily accessible, but do NOT save the .QBO file inside the C: drive, as this drive is not your local computer's drive, nor is it a secure drive to save data to.
  5. Select Banking > Online Banking > Import WebConnect File.
  6. In the Open File window, navigate to where you saved the .QBO file.
  7. Select the file and then click Open.

An Online Banking progress bar will open. Once completed, you will receive a message saying that QuickBooks has successfully imported the WebConnect file.