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Setting Up Printing on a Mac

This article covers the printing instructions for Mac users.

Click here to watch the tutorial video.

Forward Printing Devices on RDC

To start, you need to "Forward printing devices" on your RDC client.

  1. Open RDC Client.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Select Session.
  4. Mark the Forward printing devices checkbox.

Download & Install TSPrint

  1. Click here to download TSPrint for your Mac.
  2. Save the file and run the program:
    1. From your Downloads folder, double-click the folder unzip it.
    2. Double-click TSPrintClient.pkg to install the application.

      Note: Once installed, there will be a printer icon running in the Menu bar.

  3. Log into the Cloud as normal.
  4. Choose TSPrint Printer (OSX) when selecting your printer.
  5. You can click Print (to print) or click PDF to save to PDF.