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How to Submit a Support Ticket

Follow the steps below to submit a support ticket through the C9 Portal (remember to check the knowledge base to see if there is already a solution to your problem). When submitting a ticket please be sure to provide a full description of the problem including any error messages you are receiving and attach screenshots if possible.

  1. Log into the C9 Portal.
  2. Click the Support icon () in the main side menu.
  3. Click the Submit Ticket button.

  4. Fill out all of the fields and verify all of the information is correct. ClosedClick to show more...
    • Type of Ticket: Select the appropriate type of ticket (see Ticket Types). For help with general/technical issues you can leave the default value: "Ask a General Question"
    • Subject: Provide a short (but specific) indication of what the problem is. Try to avoid general statements like "I'm having a problem" and instead write something like "I'm receiving this QuickBooks error: QBWC 1039"
    • Description: Provide a full description of the issue that you are having and when it started. Indicate if this issue is recurring or has happened before, and if others are also experiencing this issue. Also let us know what you were doing when the issue occurred and how we can replicate the problem (this will help us better identify and fix the problem).
    • Contact Name: The name of whoever is submitting the ticket (this field should auto-populate)
    • Status: Leave this as "Open"
    • Call Number: Enter the phone number you would like to be contacted at (this field should auto-populate)
    • Parent Case: Leave as "None" unless this ticket is directly related to an existing case
    • Upload Files: Click Choose Files and upload any relevant screenshots

  5. Agree to the T&Cs and click Save Ticket.

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