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Adding & Removing Payment Information

Through the C9 Portal you can add/remove payment methods on file. It should be noted that you cannot edit existing payment methods. If you want to change a method of payment, you have to add a new payment method and then delete the old one.

Important: Only Authorized Contacts have access to billing and payment information.

  1. Log into the C9 Portal.
  2. Go to the Billing and Payment Information page.
    1. Click the Manage Billing icon () in the main side menu. This takes you to the Invoices page.
    2. Click the Billing Information header (top of the page).

  3. Click either the ACH or Credit Card button (depending on the payment type you wish to add) next to Add Payment Method. This opens a new tab with a form for entering and submitting the necessary information.

  4. Complete all of the fields in the Add Payment Method form and click Submit.

  5. Now that you have added a new payment method, click Delete next to the payment method that you wish to remove (you don't have to do this, but it is strongly recommended that you only have one payment method on file).

    Note: You have to add a new payment method before you can delete an existing payment method.

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