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How to Add an Application

Through the C9 Portal, Authorized Contacts can request that a new application (or a new version/year of an existing application) be installed. Each request will create a support ticket and Cloudnine will perform the installation for you within 5 business days (unless the request is expedited).

  1. Log into the C9 Portal.
  2. Click the Manage Applications icon ( ) in the main side menu.
  3. Click the Add New App. button.

  4. Complete all of the necessary fields on the page. ClosedShow more...
    1. Select the application from the App Name drop-down. If the application is not listed, choose Other / Not Listed and then specify the application name in the Application Name field below.

    2. Choose the year(s) for the application (the current year is selected by default).

    3. If you chose "Other / Not Listed" in step a, specify how the app will be installed in the Media Type field:
      • Select Download Link if the install file will be downloaded. You will need to provide the link and the username and password for downloading the application.
      • Select Install Disk if the application will be installed via a CD. You will need to provide the serial number and the product key or code.
      • Select Executable File (.exe) if the application is installed by running an install file. You will need to specify what the name of the file is and where it is located (in your Cloud files).

    4. Specify the version of the application.
    5. Specify if the application syncs with another application. If it doesn't (or if you don't know) just leave the drop-down set to "Unkown."
    6. Specify all of the users who will have access to the application in the Choose Users That Will Have Access To This Application field.

    7. Choose how you would like the application icon(s) published:
      • Remote Desktop (RDP)
      • Web Browser
      • Desktop Icons (WebFeed)

    8. Choose your country: USA or Canada.
    9. Specify the total number of users with access to the application (Total Number of Users) and how many users will be accessing the application at the same time (Number Users Accessing App Concurrently).
    10. Select whether the application license is leased or owned and choose a license type.

    11. Specify an admin username and password for the application.
    12. Specify when you purchased the license (Purchase Date) and when the license expires (Usage End Date).
  5. If you would like to expedite your request, select 2 Business Days ($50 fee) or 1 Business Day ($75 fee). If you do not wish to expedite the request, just leave this field set to 5 Business Days.

  6. Agree to the Terms & Conditions and click the Save App button.

Once done, a support ticket will automatically be created for the application being installed (multiple tickets will be created if multiple versions/years of the application are being installed). You can reference the status of this ticket by going to the Ticket Status page. The ticket will be closed once the application is installed.

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